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We offer clients the ability to invest in alternative assets, an opportunity historically available only to large institutional investors, such as pension funds. Including alternative investments in our clients’ balanced portfolios may result in the same expected return with a reduction of volatility, or an improved expected return while maintaining the same level of volatility.

Our alternative investment portfolios provide direct ownership of the underlying assets, like office buildings or solar power farms. Direct investment in alternative assets is how large institutions typically choose to invest because it means achieving the full diversification benefits associated with these assets—unlike buying publically traded vehicles such as real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or other mutual funds that offer proxy access, which are all more closely correlated to stock market movements.

Real estate


Real estate

Real estate investments can provide cash flow with long-term capital appreciation, enhance your portfolio's diversification and act as an inflation hedge since most leases provide rental-rate escalation over time.

Our real estate portfolio takes a fundamental approach, investing directly in well-located properties with sustainable income and attractive long-term growth potential. With investments across Canada, the portfolio is also diversified by sector and tenant type, including office buildings, industrial buildings housing light manufacturing or distribution warehouses, retail locations, and multi-unit residential properties. The typical deal size is $20-100 million. 


Real Estate Buildings

$5.1 Billion

In total assets under management


Well-located properties


19.2 Million

Square feet of real estate